Let me start by thanking you all for joining us today, even though most of you are joining us virtually. And let me thank you all for cooperating with the COVID-19 restrictions that are in place. It goes without saying that obviously I h

22 Jan 2021

Good afternoon, good to see you, I hope you are doing well.  As Jenifer just said, we have concluded the fourth session of the drafting body of the Constitutional Committee. During the week, we have, or they ha

04 Dec 2020

Thank you, Jenifer, and good to see you all. I understand we also now connected with friends in New York, so heartily welcome to you as well.

29 Nov 2020

Thank you so much Jenifer and let me start by saying it is good to see you despite this late hour on Saturday.

29 Aug 2020

Following additional testing and further medical and expert advice regarding four earlier positive tests for COVID-19, the Office of the Special Envoy has been officially informed by the competent health authorities that the nature of those cases is such that the Third Session of the Constitution

27 Aug 2020

Thank you so much Jenifer and thanks to all of you for your understanding.Obviously, the safety for all of us here in the Palais has been our major

27 Aug 2020

The Office of the Special Envoy received confirmation that three members of the Syrian Constitutional Committee Small Body tested positive for COVID-19. 

24 Aug 2020

Mr. Geir O. Pedersen: Thank you, as Jenifer said, for joining us this morning and for those of you online, thank you for also joining.

21 Aug 2020