Good Offices and Facilitation of the Geneva Political Process

In line with Security Council resolution 2254 (2015), the Special Envoy undertakes efforts to build trust among warring parties and convene and facilitate negotiations toward a political settlement of the Syrian conflict. 

The Special Envoy is committed to engaging the Government of Syria and the opposition Syrian Negotiations Commission in a sustained comprehensive dialogue and negotiations, and to opening the door to a political process in Geneva between the government and the opposition.

The Special Envoy works on the full range of issues outlined in resolution 2254

The Special Envoy welcomes the commitment of key players and international stakeholders in support of his mandate, and focuses on improving international dialogue and cooperation in support of the Geneva political process and the implementation of resolution 2254.

 The Office of the Special Envoy maintains consistent outreach with a wide spectrum of Syrians, including members of civil society through the Civil Society Support Room and members of the Women’s Advisory Board.

Mr. Pedersen briefs the Security Council monthly on the political process and the issues within his mandate.