I think my opening comments will be basically what I said to the Security Council, so just to highlight, of course, that I have spent most of the time on the situation on the ground, with the escalation we are seeing there, and as I said a few

29 Nov 2022

Let me start by saying a few things about the overall situation. As you all know, the situation for Syrians inside and outside the country continues to be extremely difficult. We have, since March 2020, we have had the ceasefire in place, we have front lines that have not shifted, but still, too

17 Oct 2022

It is devastating that dozens died after a boat sank off the Syrian coast -men, women, children and the elderly among the victims.

25 Sep 2022

The Secretary-General has released a study “on how to bolster efforts, including through existing measures and mechanisms, to clarify the fate and whereabouts of missing people in the Syrian Arab Republic, identify human remains and provide su

31 Aug 2022

The United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Mr. Geir O.

16 Jul 2022

Geir O. Pedersen, United Nations Special Envoy for Syria faciliatates the Syrian Constitutional Committee

Today, the Eighth Session of the Syrian-led, Syrian-owned Constitutional Committee concluded in Geneva.

03 Jun 2022

I just now came from a meeting with the His Excellency Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad. We had a very good meeting. We discussed a range of issues related to the implementation of Security Council resolution 2254.

22 May 2022

Thank you so much Joseph, Ministers, Excellencies, colleagues, and friends,

10 May 2022

Syrian Constitutional Committee, Geneva. 25 March 2022

Remarks by the Special Envoy for Syria

Geir O. Pedersen, United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, briefs the before the opening of the Syrian Constitutional Committee. UN Photo by Violaine Martin

Let me start by emphasizing the obvious, and that is that Syria remains one of the gravest crises in the world and that there is a clear need for progress towards a political solution. 

20 Mar 2022