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Members of the Constitutional Committee, Co-Chair Kuzbari, Co-Chair al-Bahra, welcome to you all to the United Nations and the Palais des Nations.

30 Oct 2019

Senior Humanitarian Adviser to the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Ms. Najat Rochdi condemns the recent intensification of hostilities in northwest Syria, in particular aerial bombardments and the reported use of barrel bombs, killing tens of civilians including women and children. 

18 Dec 2019

Hi, good afternoon. We have just concluded the second session of the Constitutional Committee. It was not possible to call for a meeting of the Small Body of 45, because there has not been an agreement on the agenda.

29 Nov 2019

I had a very good discussion with the Council both in the open and in the closed session afterward.

22 Nov 2019

Ms. Najat Rochdi condemns in the strongest terms the missile attack, reportedly fired from Syrian-government controlled territory, that hit the densely populated Qah IDP camp and exploded near a maternity hospital in Idlib province.

21 Nov 2019

We have just concluded what I believe has been two weeks of successful discussions.  As you remember, we opened with a formal launch last Wednesday that went very well, then the large body of 150 continued discussions about constitutional ideas and principles and how that could help to create a n

08 Nov 2019

Pursuant to the “Terms of Reference and Core Rules of Procedure for a Syrian-owned, Syrian-led, credible, balanced and inclusive Constitutional Committee facilitated by the United Nations in Geneva” agreed between the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic and the Syri

01 Nov 2019

Good evening. I’m impressed to see all of you here so late. Thank you. We have just concluded a meeting of the Large Body. We had, as you all remember, a very good opening session on Wednesday. I think it was dignified, solemn and that we rose to the historic occasion.

01 Nov 2019