Call for Applications for Syrian Women’s Advisory Board

31 Jul 2023

Call for Applications for Syrian Women’s Advisory Board

Adopted on 18 December 2015, United Nations Security Council 2254 (2015) encourages the meaningful participation of women in the UN-facilitated political process for Syria. In January 2016, the Syrian Women’s Advisory Board (WAB) was created by an initiative of a group of Syrian women and with support of UN Women and the former Special Envoy for Syria Mr. Staffan de Mistura as an advisory mechanism for the UN Special Envoy for Syria to draw upon in UN facilitation efforts. The WAB serves as the first gender inclusion mechanism to a UN Special Envoy, since the adoption of landmark resolution UNSCR 1325 (2000) called for effective institutional arrangements to guarantee women’s participation in peace processes. The WAB is an entity linked to the political process via its role as an advisory board to OSE-Syria. However, it is not a party to the negotiations of the political process. OSE-Syria appointed 12 diverse Syrian women in 2016 to form the board and expanded its membership in 2018. The current membership comprises 14 Syrian women. 

The WAB aims to support the political process in Syria in line with UNSCR 2254, in part by further integrating women’s rights and by promoting their participation. They advise the Special Envoy and Deputy Special Envoy on all aspects of the political process, including those related to gender perspectives and women’s rights.  The WAB aims to channel debates and views of Syrian women and Syrian women networks to the political process. WAB members also aim to highlight elements related to the situation on the ground across Syria, as well as the realities facing Syrians who are displaced, both internally and those in refugee communities.

When requested by the Special Envoy, WAB members advise on how to ensure that the design and content of the UN-facilitated political process takes into account views of Syrian women. In all activities, WAB members advise from a gender mainstreaming perspective.

After eight years of dedication and commitment, WAB members, in cooperation with OSE-Syria, would like to commence a process of rotation. Rotation will enable more Syrian women to become part of the WAB, and in so doing, actively take part in the UN-facilitated political process. Rotation will be partial to ensure continuity of work, accumulation of knowledge, and exchange of expertise between different members.  As such, OSE-Syria is pleased to open a call for applications for the WAB. Ten new members will be appointed towards the end of 2023, and an additional five members will be appointed by July 2024.

Each iteration of the WAB will comprise two separate cohorts, commencing service on different dates. The existing 2016 cohort of the WAB will be rotated out in December 2023. The new cohort entering the WAB in December 2023 will work with the existing 2018 cohort for a period of six months whereupon this 2018 cohort will rotate out in July 2024, and thus making way for a new cohort. Upon this date, each iteration will work together for a period of 36 months. Each new cohort will serve for a period of 42 months (three and a half years), whereupon the entire cohort will rotate out in its entirety. This methodology will allow for an overlap of six months between a cohort already in place and a new, incoming cohort. 

WAB convenes periodically every three months, and whenever there is a need. In addition, online meetings may take place as required.

Eligibility criteria:

OSE encourages women who meet the following criteria to apply

Women community leaders and civil society activists

Women who demonstrate strong connections, and an ability, experience, and willingness to reach out to grassroots groups, civil society actors, community leaders, and the wider public

Women with technical knowledge related to issues of concern for the political process as contained in UN Security Council resolution 2254

Women with proven knowledge of the needs and priorities of Syrian women and girls and experience conducting gender analysis and advocacy on these issues

Women defenders of women’s rights and women’s political participation in the political process

Women independent of political parties, armed groups, and military actors

Commitment to attend all physical meetings


To apply:

Please send your CV and and The answers of application form bellow to by 31 August 2023 at the latest.

Process and timeline:

Applications close on 31 August 2023. Shortlisted applicants will be notified for an interview by end of September 2023. Selected applicants should be notified by end of 2023. Due to the expected number of applications anticipated, only shortlisted applicants may be contacted.

Application Form


Date of Birth:



Place of residency:

Why do you think you will be a good candidate for the WAB?

How do you define the objectives of the WAB? 

How is your experience relevant to WAB’s objectives?

What are the main a) challenges, b) priorities and c) opportunities facing women in Syria?

Are you a member of a military or armed group? Are you a member of an organization affiliated to a military group?

Are you a member of a political body?