As the conflict in Syria enters its twelfth year - marking another grim milestone – Syrians continue to suffer in profound ways, and the hardship is only deepening.

14 Mar 2022
United Nations Special Envoy Addresses the Media

Geir O. Pedersen, United Nations Special Envoy for Syria briefs the press after the closing of the Sixsth round of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, Geneva. 22 October 2021 . UN Photo / Violaine Martin

Very good to see you and a good Friday afternoon. I hope your week has not been as hectic as mine has been. But anyway, good to see you.

22 Oct 2021

Very good to see you all.  Pleased that we can meet like this as Jenifer said. It is now close to two years since we had the first meeting of the Constitutional Committee. Then, as you will recall, 150 members met here in

17 Oct 2021

At today’s International Syria Support Group’s (ISSG) Humanitarian Task Force meeting, convened virtually in Geneva, the UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir O.

12 Aug 2021

Special Envoy Mr. Geir O. Pedersen is following with great concern the developments in the southwest of Syria.  He is actively in contact with relevant parties to ensure that violence ceases and is calling on all to deescalate.

31 Jul 2021

Thank you so much, and always a pleasure being here in Moscow to be able to meet with you (Russian Foreign Minister Mr. Sergey Lavrov) and your team here.

22 Jul 2021